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C340-Swingarm Shop Tire Changer

C340-Swingarm Shop Tire Changer

Swing arm tire changer Heavy duty swing arm structure guarantees proper working conditions for every job. The exclusive 110v single speed motor provides needed torque and the rigid self-centering chuck with a wide clamping range handles a variety of needs. Equipped with a galvanized, double-operating bead breaker cylinder.

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C601N Tire Changer

C601N Tire Changer

The patented operating system of the C301N tire changer is one of a kind. With this distinctive design, the changer is equipped with four rollers positioned on both sides of the wheel in diametrically opposite positions.

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Tire Changers

Tire changers are machines used to help technicians disassemble and assemble tires with automobile wheels. After removing the wheel assembly and the car tire, the tire changer has all the necessary components to remove and replace the wheel tire. Different tire changers allow technicians to replace tires on cars, motorcycles and heavy trucks. The new tire and wheel technology has improved individual tire changers to be able to change a low profile tire or a flat tire.

The assembly/disassembly mechanism consists of the duck head, the swing arm, and the vertical slide. The duck head is at the lower end of the vertical slide. The duck head has a unique shape, like a conical spout, to then fit around the edge of a wheel. It can be metal or plastic. The duck head mounts and disassembles the tire of the wheel. The oscillating arm moves to the left and the right. The purpose of the swinging arm is to move the duck’s head near or far from the edge. The last component of the assembly/disassembly mechanism is the vertical slide. The vertical slide moves up and down so that the duck’s head can fit on the edges of different wheel sizes. The vertical slide has a spring and a locking handle on the swing arm to position the duck head and maintain a stable position around the edge.

Valve system including air inflation meter, air hose, and air pressure purge valve
The air pressure system in a tire changer provides the air to inflate tires mounted on wheels. The air pressure system consists of 4 components: air hose, air inflation meter, inflation pedal, and manual pressure purge valve. The air hose is located near the top of the tire changer and allows compressed air to travel to the tire. A specialized end is used in the air hose to hold firmly on the stems of the valves of the wheels. The air inflation meter shows the air pressure inside the tire when the air hose is connected to the valve stem. The air inflation meter shows the pressure in pounds per square inch (psi). Just below the air hose on the side of the tire changer is the inflation pedal that allows inflation of the tire. When the inflation pedal is raised, a burst of air is released from the valves next to each rim bracket to the lower rim bead to assist inflation. The manual purge valve is located next to the air hose and the air inflation meter. The manual bleed valve allows manual release of tire air pressure.


The job of a collision repair shop is to get the customer’s vehicle back to work correctly. In addition to pulling the frame and replacing the damaged panels, you must also make sure that the wheels and tires are adjusted and working correctly as well. Chief now offers a complete line of tire changers and wheel balancers to help prepare your store for any tire problem you may encounter. Chief is recovering the balance of the wheel or placing a new tire after an explosion; Chief offers you the tools for all your collision needs.

The C3050 tire changer is a bucket-mounted tire changer without lever action that offers a safe and efficient way to change a wide variety of tires and intricate wheels. This tire machine can handle the most challenging wheel and tire combinations. The operator guides the device with a simple two button control. The risk of damaging a wheel or damaging a bead does not exist, since all contact with the tire and the wheel is not made of metal but durable non-abrasive components. The wheel is clamped through the center hole by a quick release shaft and a wing nut together with a non-abrasive plastic centering cone. Compared to competitive models, the R1150 Maximus is simpler to operate and maintain. This tire changer is sturdy with a 220-volt inverter motor. The torque is always available when needed. The driver’s engine offers the operator an accurate variable speed control so that the rotation speed can be customized. The R1150 Maximus is built for maximum performance and

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