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Revo Speed

The Revo Speed​ Acceleration Curing System uses electronic short-wave infrared technology, which provides significant throughput advantages, saving energy costs, and improving quality.

The drying time for preparation and painting of the repair phase can be reduced by several hours, freeing your technician to complete additional repairs. No need to add an accelerator to speed up curing time; fast dry time and total healing of electric infrared preservation technology provides high-quality results that reduce the need for rework.

The cost of infrared electricity is a small part of the cost of energy to run a conventional system. The REVO system only takes a split second to heat up and is ready to cure immediate repairs. Cooling is also high-speed, so the system can be turned on only if needed and is safe to handle as soon as it is turned off.

The REVO system produces consistent and controlled heat. The temperature is precisely regulated by controls that are easy to operate. With short-wave infrared curing technology, drying energy is concentrated only on panels that need to be repaired and penetrate several layers of coating to heat the substrate below. The REVO system consistently heals primers, sealers, and paints.

GFS Revo Speed


Fast, Semi-Automatic Operation

Quickly and easily position the REVO Speed to automatically move based on specifications set into the control panel. There is no need to scan a vehicle or use special plates or markers. Simply place the REVO Speed at the beginning of a vehicle and it will move on its own. The unit returns back to its starting position with the touch of a button.

Up to 80% More Paint Shop Throughput

REVO Speed uses short wave, electric infrared curing technology to offer the fastest curing time in the industry for both prep and paint processes. It shortens repair cycle time and significantly reduces rework. Plus, it easily installs within existing shop footprints.

Quick Heating & Cooling Times

Lamps on the REVO Speed reach curing temperature almost instantly. Built in fans cool the unit down in seconds. The system can be turned on only when needed and is safe to touch shortly after being turned off.

Easy-to-Operate Controls

Simple-to-operate, high-tech controls make consistent, high-quality results easy. The travel speed and surface temperature are preset, so there’s no guesswork for technicians on cure time. Just select the type of material being cured and the lamp sections to be turned on/off during the cure process; then press start.

Expert Support & Service

All REVO Systems are backed by Global Finishing Solutions to provide support and reliability. Each system has been expertly designed specifically for the automotive repair industry. And with on-site training available, learning to use any REVO System is easy.

Saves Time & Money

Cures both filler and coatings from the inside out. REVO infrared curing technology creates a high-quality, complete cure using significantly less energy and reduces the out-of-dust time to just minutes. The ability to turn the lamps on and off helps save on energy and operating costs. Contact Us

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