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Meridian Measuring System


Meridian Measuring System Live Mapping™ Laser Lock Scanner Simultaneous and continuous measuring for 360° accuracy! Chief’s Meridian™ Live Mapping™ System is a complete vehicle blueprinting package. Galileo™ a precision single-hub laser driven scanner provides a quick and accurate 360-degree view of damage not visible to the naked eye. A focused scanner footprint gives you flexibility in target line of site, so more measurements can be taken and an accurate detail of damage can be documented.

  • 360 Visibility
  • Galileo™ Single Hub Scanner
  • Geospatial design and micro-rotational technology for precise speed, measurement calculations and consistency
  • High powered laser with state-of-the-art optical path which increases measurement length with solid performance
  • Perfect plane stability makes necessary adjustments providing precise measurement
  • Robust construction features aerospace materials
  • Thermal resistant technology for temperature inconsistency gains
  • High-Tech optical components for accurate readings under any lighting conditions
  • Bar-coded reflective targets
  • Variable lengths for easy line of site placement
  • Protective end caps help prevent damage
  • Minimal replacement investment
  • Bolt, Hole and Clip Attachments
  • Wide range of sizes and mounting for greater vehicle range
  • Optional Collet Style targets available

Meridian™ Live Mapping™ System from Chief, nothing else is this easy to use, this easy to setup and this easy to get started blueprinting vehicle damage. The sky’s the limit with Galileo™. Chief nothing else.

Using Meridian™ is as simple as..

  • Pull up detailed frame specifications for the vehicle being repaired
  • Hang the attachments and targets as instructed by Meridian™’s tutorial
  • Position the Galileo™ scanner under the vehicle
  • Watch as Meridian™ shows you not only where the vehicle frame is out of alignment… 
  • but also by how much and in what direction!
  • Meridian’s software, cabinet and Galileo™ scanner all work together to analyze data before during and after repair. This is our Live Mapping™ philosophy. You see repair data real time while performing a pull. This speeds up the repair process improving cycle times.

Target Extensions

Handy extensions attach to your existing targets, making them longer and allowing you to measure around underbody obstructions.

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