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Heavy Duty Trucker 32ft 4 Tower Machine

Heavy Duty Trucker 32ft The bed of the frame rack is plumbed with air and features 16 spots to plug in your air tools.

Built with a 32-foot bed with unlimited anchor slots surrounding the perimeter.

The powerful 25-ton towers can pull the toughest double-walled frame rails thanks “EZ-Glide” rollers.

This frame rack has no caster wheels on the ground.

When you need a frame rack that is capable of exerting 25 tons of force in order to straighten out some of the biggest frames out there, the Heavy Duty Trucker frame rack is the best possible option. Thanks to the unique design, there is virtually no angle that you cannot pull from. Order your new four-tower frame rack from Chassis Liner Supply today.

Please Note:

  • The shorter tower is no longer available.
  • The 10 ton jack stand is now 25 tons.

Chassis Liner Heavy-Duty Trucker™ 32-foot deck Frame Machine

Four Tower Air Hydraulic Package
Pull ‘Em All! – Tractors, Buses, RVs, Trucks, Pickups and Cars!
Custom Bed Lengths Available!

  • 25-Ton Pulling Power
  • Two Pulls Per Tower
  • 360° Pulling
  • Wheel-less Design


  • Bed plumbed with air
  • 102″ wide bed
  • 34″ non-skid treadways
  • 19″ working height
  • Exclusive 1/2″ laser cut top plate
  • Multiple chain slots for tie downs
  • Totally enclosed treadways for additional strength
  • Two piece portable ramps
  • Wheel-free towers roll around the machine effortlessly.
  • 25 ton pulling towers.
  • Exclusive channel tower upright (97.5″ tower height)
  • Exclusive multiple pulling capabilities — up to two pulls per tower!


  • Bed Length 32′ (9.75m)
  • Bed Width 8’6″ (2.59m)
  • Treadway Width 34″ (.86m)
  • Working Height (Floor to top of Bed) 20″ (.51m)

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