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GFS Performer XP1 Paint Booth



The GFS Performer XP1 comes standard with an upgraded version of GFS’ top-of-the-line heat system, the GUL2000 air heater. Features such as exhaust-mounted VFD, direct-drive exhaust motor and direct-fired aluminum burner make this heat unit highly efficient.


Designed with everything you need to control your spray booth, the LOGIC 3 control panel is an impressive yet simple control system. Users have the majority of the same user-programmable features as the LOGIC 4, but on a smaller, more simplified user interface.


Three-wing entry door comes standard on the Ultra XP1 Paint Booth with three observation windows, as well as a personnel door with an observation window. Doors feature heavy-duty hinges for long-lasting performance.

Two-row pit

90/10 air re circulation during cure cycle

Floor leveling system


All of GFS’ booths can be customized to meet your unique specifications. The following options can be added to an Performer XP1 booth:

The Compliance

GFS guarantees that our products meet or exceed all of the applicable codes related to the equipment. Our engineers regularly follow and contribute to the advancement of codes and standards that affect the industries that we work in. One of our engineers currently serves on the NFPA Technical Committee on Finishing Processes, a key standard in the finishing industry. Call Us

GFS Performer XP! GFS Performer XP1 GFS Performer XP1 GFS Performer XP1


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