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Aluminum Isolation Station

GFS’ Aluminum Isolation Station the most cost-effective environment for aluminum repair, the unit features heavy-duty, non-combustible curtain walls to prevent against contamination during the aluminum repair process.

KLC Automotive Equipment Aluminum Isolation Station providing the most cost effective environment for aluminum repair. Authorized Distributor for Colorado.

Features Construction

Three- or four-sided heavy-duty, non-combustible clear-view or weld-view curtain walls Suspended from shop ceiling (cabling not included)


The following options can be added to an Aluminum Repair Isolation Station:

  • Exhaust Ductwork
  • Weld-view curtain


Aluminum Repair Isolation Station Dimensions & Features: Width Height Length
  • 14′ or 16′ 9′ or 12′ 27′
  • 14′ or 16′ 9′ or 12′ 30′
  • 14′ or 16′ 9′ or 12′ 33′

Why Do I Need An Aluminum Repair Station?

With Ford’s newest F-150 trucks featuring an aluminum body, bed and support, collision repair shops have not only had to learn how to repair aluminum vehicle parts, but also had to establish safe, isolated environments for aluminum repairs.

The need for an isolated work area for aluminum repair is not a matter of preference, opinion or regulation, but a matter of science and safety. Aluminum and steel don’t mix, and if they do get together during the repair process, the results can be catastrophic.

To prevent contamination from compromising the repair and protect your employees, aluminum repair work must be performed in an isolated area with a dedicated set of tools. GFS’ aluminum repair stations are flexible, effective solutions for proper isolation of aluminum repair processes.

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