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How it Works

Advance Cure: As warm air rises in a paint booth, the surface temperature of the vehicle can vary by 15 degrees Fahrenheit from top to bottom. This can pose a challenge for achieving an even temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit over the entire surface of a vehicle. In a typical downdraft paint booth, this process can take up to 20 minutes. With AdvanceCure, this time can be cut in half to about eight minutes.

AdvanceCure distributes heat more evenly throughout the booth and over the vehicle. By reducing the amount of time required for each paint job and promoting an even cure in less time, AdvanceCure helps put more jobs through your shop.

When a paint booth is in spray mode, a layer of slow-moving air — known as boundary air — forms on the vehicle surface. This boundary air traps solvents and prevents the heated air from reaching the vehicle surface during cure mode, therefore slowing down the paint drying process.

The key to AdvanceCure’s amazing results is the controlled turbulent airflow it creates on the surface of the vehicle. This significantly improves the transfer of heat from the air to the painted panels, and provides a more even heat distribution over the entire vehicle. The result is drastically reduced drying times and better paint finishes.

Nozzel System

advance Cure

The standard AdvanceCure System features multiple independently adjustable air nozzles on each module. The nozzles can be positioned at problem areas or at regular intervals around the spray booth to improve the overall spray booth airflow. The optional laser-aiming device makes it easy to pinpoint specific areas of the painted surface.

Blade System

advance Cure

The Blade option for GFS’ AdvanceCure System improves upon the class-leading performance of the standard nozzle system. Tested by paint companies, AdvanceCure Blade® provides premium performance and reduced maintenance, with no need to move or clean nozzles. The exclusive air-knife design allows for precise direction of air through small slits in the module. The Blade option can be added to most I-Series horizontal AdvanceCure models.

Continuously Improved

Dedicated to continuous improvement and developing industry-leading products, GFS’ AdvanceCure System has seen significant improvements since it was first introduced in 1998 — the first of its kind on the market. Today’s AdvanceCure System is far more efficient than previous models and can be integrated into virtually any spray booth or prep environment.

Contaminant-Free Airflow

GFS’ AdvanceCure System provides superior contamination control to keep dirt and dust out of your paint finish. Before air exits the AdvanceCure module and enters the paint booth, it is filtered three times — through the booth intake pre-filter, ceiling filter and filter within the module. This supplies the paint booth with contaminant-free airflow.

Full Vehicle or Spot Painting

The unique control system on GFS’ AdvanceCure gives you complete control over each individual module, making it just as effective for spot painting a single panel as it is for painting the entire vehicle. By turning on only the modules that you need for the job, you will also reduce energy costs. Contact Us

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