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Excel workstation

Excel Workstation

ALL-IN-ONE WORK ENVIRONMENT FOR SANDING, PRIMING AND LIMITED PAINTING Designed to meet the requirements of EPA’s 6H Paint Rule (40CFR63 Subpart HHHHHH), the Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) Excel Workstation provides a controlled environment for sanding, priming and limited painting. When painting, the amount of material sprayed shall not exceed one gallon in an eight-hour period.

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Ultra xs CTOF


The Ultra® XS Closed-Top Open-Front (CTOF) Booth from Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) is an affordable, all-in-one area for prepping and painting vehicles. Single-skin walls provide cost savings without compromising quality. An expansive CTOF line, choose from downdraft or semi-downdraft airflow, and a wide variety of sizes.

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PREMIUM CLOSED-TOP OPEN-FRONT BOOTH A versatile, end-to-end finishing environment, the Ultra XD Closed-Top Open-Front (CTOF) Booth from Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) allows for vehicles to be filled, primed, sealed, painted and cured in one location.

The Ultra XD CTOF Booth is an ideal complement to our top-of-the-line paint booths. With dual-skin walls and superior construction, airflow and lighting, the Ultra XD CTOF is a premium environment for prepping and painting.

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Ultra XR CTOF Prep Room


REVO-INTEGRATED PREP & PAINT ENVIRONMENT The Ultra XR Closed-Top Open-Front (CTOF) Booth is an end-to-end prep, paint and curing environment. By integrating REVO Systems into this versatile finishing environment, vehicles can be filled, primed, sealed, painted and rapidly cured in one location.
The built-in overhead rail system allows REVO Speed or Rapid to easily move along the vehicle or panels

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Prep Stations

About GFS, 

Vertical manufacturers, Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) has a long history of designing and building exceptional paint booth stands and finishing equipment that help businesses achieve perfect paint finishes, maximize productivity, and protect the health of their employees.
Our high-quality and proven products are supported by our technical support team, distribution network, and field service staff for lifelong support from your spray booths and finishing equipment, prep Stations

Our new painting system is safe for employees and the environment, while also drying our products well and effectively. We have to work with top companies to make sure we do it right. We are delighted with the technology and services of GFS.

A leader in paint booth technology, Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) manufactures an extensive line of high-performance automotive paint booths for body shops and collision centers of all shapes and sizes.

GFS is dedicated to continuous improvement and developing energy-efficient, “green” solutions. Innovative technologies available with our automotive spray booths — such as the LOGIC control panel with SmartCure and the AdvanceCure® System — help body shops increase profits, lower operating costs and reduce the environmental impact of the automotive refinish processes.

Industry: Auto Refinish, Construction, Defense, General Aviation, Industry, Marine, Transit, and Woodworking

As a leader in paint booth technology, Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) manufactures a broad range of high-performance paint outlets, preparation environments, mixed spaces and curing techniques for automotive body workshops and collision repair centers throughout North America.

With a vast history in the finishing industry, GFS is experienced in designing and building high-quality paint finishing equipment – from the premium, Ultra® Paint Booth line and the budget-friendly Performer® Paint Booth line to the innovative REVO Accelerated Curing Systems.

In addition to a complete product line, GFS offers services such as shop layout design, preventative maintenance programs, and painters and technician training to help the automotive repair business become more productive, efficient and profitable.


With exceptional lighting, intuitive controls, premium contamination control, and effective excessive spray capture, the high-performance Ultra Cat Booth from Global Finishing Solutions enables perfect paint finishes and increased productivity.prep stations Contact us.

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