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C3060 Allignment System

C3060 Alignment System

The C3060 Alignment System offers total drive wireless efficiency. All the characteristic angles of both vehicle axles are controlled by means of four measuring heads with 8 CCD sensors and infra-red transmission. The wheeled control unit houses computer, printer and battery charger. Open cabinet stores clamps and accessories. Pair of self-centering 4 point clamps, with removable claws, are standard equipment.

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C3080 Alignment System

C3080 Alignment System

The C3080 Alignment System features an automatic search of the targets and detects their orientation within the space. The easy to use three-point clamping system provides more point of contact to avoid compensation for off-center miss-measurements. Our exclusive targets are extremely light, have …..

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Alignment Machines

The wheel is one of man’s oldest and most reliable inventions. Alignment Machines However, they have come a long way, and now they require high-tech equipment to ensure that they are operating at peak performance. Chief’s wheel alignment systems are state-of-the-art, allowing your shop to correct alignment problems and provide your customers with quality work, done correctly from the first time.

The alignments of the wheels have to do with the comments. Find the position of the wheel concerning the center line. Speed and precision are the name of the game here, and Chief’s wheel service machines are equipped for both. From our precision measuring heads, clamping systems, or easy-to-use cameras, we have what you need to produce quality alignments in record time, which generates more jobs in your store.

The C3080 Alignment Machines offers an automatic search of the targets and detects their orientation within the space. The easy-to-use three-point clamping system provides more contact points to avoid compensation of incorrect off-center measurements. Our particular objectives are incredibly light, and they do not have electronic components inside to damage that does not require maintenance. Convenient keyboard control in each target detector. The Bluetooth transmission between the measuring heads and the control unit allows you to maneuver and use the target detectors in almost any elevator. 4 pole lifts, scissor lifts or larger platform lifts. The measuring heads have an automatic compensation of the elevation level to provide precise measurements regardless of the device used to lift the vehicle. The patented measuring heads have rotating cameras that move from left to right and automatically find the targets placed on the wheels. These cameras have LED signal repeaters that flash intermittently while the alignment is in process. This synoptic flicker allows technicians to open the vehicle’s doors without interfering with the alignment process.

The C3060 professional Alignment Machines offers a total wireless efficiency of the unit. All the unique angles of both axles of the vehicle are controlled by four measuring heads with 8 CCD sensors and infrared transmission. The control unit with wheels houses the computer, the printer, and the battery charger. Open cabinet stores clamps and accessories. Pair of 4-point self-centering clamps, with removable claws, are standard equipment.

The C6000HD commercial truck alignment system. See significantly higher revenue production with much faster operation times without any loss of accuracy. Choose the R1000HD for your store and add alignment to the service offering you can provide today. Suitable for larger commercial vehicles, the dual inclinometer allows the adjustment of the wheels without direction. The clips that do not run out will enable the user to skip any compensation procedure. This wheel alignment system with 6 CCD sensor has infrared transmission between the measuring heads. Bluetooth transmission between the first measurement heads and the control unit. The special lateral supports allow the batteries of the measuring head to be housed and recharged. The portable alignment console can be conveniently placed anywhere in the available space of the bay. Contact us.

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